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Explore #123: Former RAF Coltishall air base, Norfolk (Permission Visit) – February 2015

Something a little different with this next report – some photos from a location that I actually had permission to photograph! My visit to RAF Coltishall was organised by an explorer friend who works for a local photography company. As a result, whilst the visit was technically open to the public, our Norfolk-based gang of explorers snapped up pretty much all of the available tickets so it ended up being very much an urbexers group outing! History (abridged and amended…

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Explore #10a (revisit): RAF West Raynham (rapier missile training dome and chapel), Norfolk – February 2014

This was quick revisit during a day of solo exploring, following my previous much longer explore in October 2013. The target this time: the former rapier surface-to-air missile training dome, which was the first of its kind in the UK. A press cutting from the time of its opening in 1985 can be read here. I was a little apprehensive, given recent reports of the over-zealous security, but I stealthily worked my way across the site and past security vans…

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Explore #10: RAF West Raynham, Norfolk – October 2013

After we had crashed and burned on another local target at 5.45am on a Sunday morning, Dora P and I went home, regrouped and visited this site later in the day instead. We went in knowing virtually nothing about the place, other than that it used to be an RAF airbase, most of it was now derelict, and that some of it has been developed into housing. So here’s a quick potted history, courtesy of wiki: RAF West Raynham was…

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