Explore #1 of the Gigawatts & Megalolz Tour

Another summer weekend, another trip to Europe. This time back to Belgium for a great 3 days packed full of varied and interesting locations and loads of laughs – megalolz even!

We rolled off the ferry around 1am and were greeted with torrential rain and the fiercest lighting storm I’ve seen in a long long time – the kind where you can’t help but go “woah!……… WOAH!!!!!…… …… WOOOOOOOAAAAHHHH!!!” with each spectacular burst.

After a few hours drive into Belgium we arrived at our first location in the middle of the night. Unfortunately the city-centre street that our target was on was too busy for an attempt, given the constant stream of drunks and (more importantly) police cars which kept passing our access. We tried an old abandoned church just down the road, but that too was freshly sealed. So we were glad to finally open our exploring account for the weekend with an explore of this old villa just after dawn.

The villa was owned by the director of the nearby aluminium factory. When the factory closed the villa was abandoned, and it has since fallen rapidly into decline.

Our Explore
As you will see this place has sadly seen better days, and it looks as if the local vandals have had their fun here. Still it was a nice relaxed little explore to start our weekend off with.

As always click on a photo to VIEW LARGE.

Villa Directeur - exterior
Villa Directeur – exterior.

Villa Directeur - entrance lobby
The entrance lobby.

Villa Directeur - upstairs room
One of the upstairs rooms.

Villa Directeur - clock

Villa Directeur - the kangaroo room
The kangaroo room!

Villa Directeur - kangaroo
Kangaroo detail.

Villa Directeur - kitchen

Villa Directeur - kangaroo room

Villa Directeur - attic
Up in the attic…

Villa Directeur - Commodore 64
…where I found this old Commodore 64!

Villa Directeur - Commodore 64 detail

Villa Directeur - staircase

Villa Directeur - towards entrance lobby

Villa Directeur - entrance
The entrance lobby.

Villa Directeur - external
After we’d explored Villa Directeur we had a very quick look around the nearby warehouses, which I have codenamed “Entrepôt de Bangers”…

Entrepôt de Bangers - main hangar

Entrepôt de Bangers - wall writing and crucifix
Spot the crucifix in the alcove up on the wall…

Entrepôt de Bangers - hangar two.

Entrepôt de Bangers - acid treatment works
This room had an overpowering acidic stench, so we decided not to hang around…

Entrepôt de Bangers - the wall of glamour
…but couldn’t resist a very quick shot of this paen to gender equality! 😛

Thanks for looking – next report coming very soon!
Adam X