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This is my first post in many months due to lots of other personal commitments and a need to upgrade this site to add more storage space. My ace brother in law has been an absolute superstar in doing all the technical behind the scenes work needed not only to make that happen, but also to give the site a revamp in the process – thanks Mark!

Right, down to business..

Explore #13 of ‘The Picnics & Palaces Tour’

Finally our road trip took us over the border into Poland. I was really looking forward to this leg of our journey as I’d never been to Poland before – I loved the place. Friendly locals (who drove like suicidal maniacs), glorious weather, good food, very cheap beer and great company – what more could you ask for!

Our first location in Polska was this beautiful abandoned mansion deep in the countryside. Whilst pretty stripped out the central atrium area was particularly impressive and photogenic, so we concentrated on that.

Click on any photo to open the shiny new lightbox feature and view LARGE! 🙂

As we made our way through the overgrown gardens we caught our first glimpse of the palace…

…after finding a way inside we spent a few minutes appreciating the grand columns which gave the location its codename…

Looking up…

I then headed upstairs to the landing – I really liked the subtle pastel tones of this scene.

Before too long it was time to move on – I grabbed a couple more external shots and we hit the road.

Dzięki za szukanie